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"Weather The Storm"

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

My husband and I have been together for 10 years and we have been through a lot on our journey together as do most couples. With all the stress brought on by quarantine, this is another test of our relationship and how we handle the curve ball the world has thrown at us. I'm relieved to say that minus the typical frustrations and occasional riffs, I feel like the pandemic has actually brought us closer together.
Here is a picture of the two of us in Fiji where he proposed a decade ago... I can't say that we were two crazy kids, we both were definite grown ups and took our time to find out who we were and what qualities we needed in a partner. Once connected it didn't take long to know that we were each other's one...
I wanted to make a piece of art that symbolized how strong we are as a couple. 'Weather the Storm' is 36" x 72" and made of mixed media on canvas. I have added sand from the beach where my husband proposed in an island off of Fiji as well as lots of texture paste to create diversity in the hand of the piece. Below is a pic from the exact spot where he "popped the question", after photographing it I wanted to take some sand back from that spot so I filled both our water bottles up with it as a momento. I can't believe it's taken 10 years for me to finally decide how I was going to use the sand, I knew I wanted to put it into art, but the time was finally right.
The mountain of colors symbolize the journey we have traveled with one another filled with peaks valleys but always together and always strong. This piece is available and I hope it brings as much love to your space that was given to me while creating it.
I love to personalize art, one thing we can do is put elements into the art, such as sand from the beach you've visited that is special to you, write affirmations or family members names into the art and "bake them in" under the layers of paint. For more information on commissioning me to create something completely unique and custom for you, go to my custom art page on my website.

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