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Laurie Carswell

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Mini Landscape Paper Art Class on June 1st

Sitting amidst scraps of paper, shaping shadows, and tearing edges is where Laurie finds unlimited creative moments. This sacred space is where Laurie uncovers endless moments of innovation and inspiration. She finds this creative process so fulfilling that Laurie is compelled to share this liberating technique with others through workshops and online courses. Laurie teaches at the prestigious Laguna Gloria in ATX, and we are fortunate enough to host her there at the gallery for an intimate classroom setting.



Come join Creative Paper Artist Laurie Carswell and cut and glue a pocket-view landscape.  You may cut sky blues out of denim ads and tear creamy white clouds out of wedding dresses! The options for individual style and creativity are endless.  Laurie's paper art uses cut magazine pieces like a painter would use paint to build a playful landscape. 


Whether you're an art enthusiast or a curious beginner, this workshop offers endless possibilities for personal expression through paper art. Don't miss this opportunity to explore your creative potential in a fun, engaging environment. 


Spaces are limited—register now and transform everyday materials into your own masterpiece!

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