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How to Display Art Like a Pro!

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Want your space to look like it was styled by the team at HGTV? Say no more!

Whether you are an established art collector or completely new to purchasing original art,
I want to extend a helping hand in providing you with my personal tips on how to best display your new art in the perfect spot of your home or office space! Here are some simple guidelines that will place you confidently in the driver's seat of styling your space just like the pros do...

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Getting the Height just right
Far too often, art is hung way higher from the ground than it should be.
Your artwork should be displayed to where the center of the piece falls right at the viewer's eye level (lets pray that all family members & guests are either just as tall or short as you LOL!).
A good rule of thumb is to hang your art so that the very center of the piece sits at about 60 inches high from the ground. If the room has tall ceilings, you can absolutely
display it a little higher.
Pictured above is "Craving Take Out" available in a number of sizes + various products!

Getting the Width just right
Some of the best places to hang your artwork is right above a big piece of furniture, like a console table or couch. When prepping to find + hang artwork that works with the width of your furniture, the first thing to do is to ensure that the artwork takes up about 2/3 of the width of the furnishing. In doing this, you are setting the painting to be positioned in a way that flatters both the art as well as the furniture. For example, if your furniture is 70" long, your artwork should take up at least 50" in width (this applies to sets of art, too). This is not a concrete rule, so you may have to go bigger or smaller depending on your space as it is unique to you. Once you have the width of the art coordinated with the width of your furniture, you are now able to hang the piece centered or off-centered, whatever style suits your vibe!
Pictured above is "Rags to Riches" available in a number of sizes.

Getting the Distance just right
We have already mentioned how artwork is often hung way too high from the ground, but I also want to note that the distance between the furniture and the artwork matters just as much. I recommend hanging your art about 4" to 6" above the furnishing. The goal is to have your furniture and artwork compliment each other and pull the space altogether, ultimately!
Pictured above is "Spoke too Soon" "36"x60" Mixed Media on Canvas.

Getting the Spacing just right
When hanging multiple pieces of art next to each other, I recommend spacing the artwork about 2 ½" to 6" a part from each other (measurements can be adjusted depending on the space). For example if the wall is rather large in size, then you should definitely adjust the spacing to have a larger spread. With smaller wall space, then moving the pieces closer together will be better.
"Charmed" 30"x40" total span 60" x 40" with adjustable spacing. Mixed Media on Panel Board.
Original available
That concludes my tips on how to get your new art displayed perfectly in your space! I hope that this provided you some clarity on the deceivingly "simple" logistics of positioning your artwork. You can now move forward like a true HGTV pro when styling your interiors with original art! ❤︎
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