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Zen Abstracts Online Art Course

Would You Like to Combine a Joyful Meditative Process with the End Resulting in a Creation of Something Beautiful, Made from Your Own Hands?
Zen Abstracts Online Art Course by Julie Ahmad

Zen Abstracts Online Art Course by Julie Ahmad

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  • Self Study

  • Instructor – Julie Ahmad

  • 9 Lessons/1+ hour of Instruction

  • Lifetime Access/Downloadable Content

  • Course Price – $59USD

In Zen Abstracts, you will be given the tools and knowledge to learn this intuitive approach to layered mixed media abstract painting. Step by step, I will guide you through the process of understanding the properties of each of the mediums we will be using and how they interact with one another. With this knowledge there is a wide space to experiment, giving you the freedom to take risks with your art without fear of consequence. A full understanding of these forgiving attributes can be incredibly liberating to your practice and allow you the ability to let go and free yourself from the paralysis often experienced by even the most seasoned of artists.

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By the end of this course students will have an understanding of the following concepts :

  • Harness inspiration from everyday life using modern technology

  • Explore the basics of the color wheel and mixing color

  • Discover a short cut to the best practices for using various mediums

  • Experiment with out of the box application techniques

  • Play with a relaxed approach to composition

  • Learn a new mindset for approaching a painting

  • Create a beautiful piece of art for home, office or a special gift

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9 LESSONS + Full High-Speed Demo
No. 1    Finding Inspiration for your Abstracts
No. 2   Stretching your Own Canvas
No. 3   Exploring Alcohol Inks + the Color Wheel
No. 4   Prepping the Canvas
No. 5   Spreading the Ink
No. 6   Applying the Layers
No. 7   Building Up More Layers
No. 8   Composition
No. 9   Bringing it All Together
No. 10  FULL High-Speed Demo

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Our main lessons will focus on the techniques I use when creating an abstract zen painting. We will explore alcohol inks and their unique properties. This lesson will also have a brief segment on color theory to help you as you choose colors for your paintings. Next, I will show you how to soften the palette with translucent pearl paint. We will add richness and character to the piece with watercolor crayons and colored pencil. I will discuss my favorite tools I use to add texture to the canvas with texture paste.

We will spread the first layer of color onto our canvas and I will demonstrate a pooling technique using rubbing alcohol to mix the ink and create texture with a low speed blow dryer. This is such a beautiful, and freeing process! After you have explored the previous steps, it is time to choose a light colored acrylic paint to thickly spread over the canvas. We will utilize a water pressure technique to build up large 3D mounds of paint onto the canvas.

There are several factors that create the composition of a piece of abstract art; line, texture, shape, form, color and value. For the purpose of this lesson we will be discussing the arrangement of elements on the canvas. Finally, in our last lesson, we will add any last final touches and then onto varnishing.  We will also discuss the sense you should feel when a piece is finished and a camera trick that can be used to see the canvas with fresh eyes and note if any adjustments need to be made.

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In each lesson I do discuss what materials will be needed for that segment, however I do understand that it maybe much easier to have a compiled list in one spot for you to review. Please make use of whatever materials you may have - not all items are mandatory.

There are some materials such as Yupo Paper which can not be substituted for another kind of paper due to its absorption level and the nature of the ink. These items will be indicated with a star *. I have also indicated in blue which items are my must have faves being brand specific that I personally like to use and links provided to indicate where to pick them up online should you choose.

Pinterest Inspiration Board

Free Downloadable Images


Alcohol Inks




*I, personally, do not use a ventilation mask throughout this course. I do recommend being in a well ventilated area. Please keep in mind that using isopropyl alcohol is extremely flammable so no smoking, candles, or open-flame near your workspace!*

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