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Charlotte Schembri

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Charlotte is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Austin, TX. Charlotte creates geometrical and colorful paintings with an ode to optical illusions and also creates portraiture photos infused with abstract notions. She is drawn to shapes, contrast, and clean lines.

She also finds her inspiration and her canvas in the world of charcoal drawings. Her work is a testament to the timeless elegance of black and white, where beauty and emotion emerge from the depths of the monochromatic spectrum. With meticulous attention to detail, she creates hauntingly lifelike landscapes that captivate the viewer's soul.



From my earliest recollections, art has been my constant companion. What began as childhood interests in drawing and painting evolved into a lifelong passion. My natural talent was acknowledged early on by peers and mentors, propelling me to refine my abilities and seek advanced art classes throughout my schooling.


As I delved deeper into the world of art, I found myself fascinated by its rich history and extensive reach across cultures. This curiosity and my artistic aptitude culminated in a clear decision: pursuing an art degree in college. Throughout my studies at the University of Texas, I broadened my repertoire, experimenting with a wide range of genres like drawing, painting, photography, and print-making. Here I, explored the allure of photography, a medium I learned to interweave with my other works, adding depth and continuity. The importance of underlying meanings and narratives in art, inspiring me to develop a unique artistic voice and dig deeper.


I feel utterly blessed that my childhood avocation has blossomed into a professional art career. From commission pieces for family and friends to selling my artwork worldwide via SAATCHI, I've been able to expand my client base and showcase my work. I'm proud of the quality and meaningful narrative inherent in each piece, qualities that give me the confidence to participate in art shows.

-Charlotte Schembri

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Free Delivery to Central Austin Locals


I'm happy to bring the art to you. If you're in the Central Austin area, I can bring up to 5 pieces to your space to see which will suit you best.


 This eliminates the guess work and makes me happy to know that you're completely satisfied with your choice!

There is no obligation, serious inquires only. 

Send an email to to make arrangements.


"It's meaning, not just skill that makes a good piece of art. This is an essential element in every work that I make."

- Charlotte Schembri

Art Rendering Services are Offered for All Artworks at the Gallery

It can be difficult to imagine the art in your space. I am happy to offer my rendering services to those that need a mock-up of the art superimposed into the room you are considering placing the art. 

Read more about the service.

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