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Virtual Rendering Service to Help Visualize Artwork in your Space!

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Love the art, but don't know where to put it in your space?
I totally get it!

It can be so difficult deciding which piece to choose, where it goes, and what size will best suit your space. I want to help alleviate your stress in finalizing your decisions by offering an online service in which I provide my professional opinion in what would look best in your interior. This is great for those that do not live in the Central Austin area! I usually bring artwork options to locals' homes, so if you are not close by this is perfect for you!

showcasing the magic that art can make!
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Here's how this service works :

1) Purchase the Rendering Service Package here.

2) Then take a photo of the space(s) + the wall(s) that you intend for the art to be hung in. Make sure that for this photo, your space is well lit and that the photo is not blurry (feel free to send me multiple images with different angles/views of your space and I can choose which is the best to show the artwork.

**Please review the next section of this blog to ensure that you take a high quality photo of your space below!

3) Let me know which pieces of art you are considering in your email.

4) From here, I can then create a rendering for you by superimposing into photoshop an image of the painting(s) in the photo of your space so that you can get a visual idea of what it looks like in your interior. I am happy to give you my professional opinion!

How to Take a Quality Photo of your Space :

The better the picture, the better the rendering!

1) Make sure the area is tidied up for the photo!

2) Ensure that the lighting is good : open up the shades & turn on the lights in the area you are planning to photograph

3) Get a few different angles of the area that you think that you want the art hung in

Here is an example of what a rendering looks like :
Pictured above is a rendering for 'More Cowbell'

So excited to help you create your dream space! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding this service.

This payment can be used as a credit towards the original art purchase if used within a 10 day period!


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