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Contemporary Abstract Artist, Julie Ahmad

"I was so curious to see what it would be like to color outside the lines.


With abstract art you make up the rules as you go… there is no wrong or right and this feels incredibly liberating to me."

-Julie Ahmad 
Contemporary Female Abstract Artist - famous abstract artists

Intersectional Feminist Abstract Artist who paints from intuition and a rooted sense of responsibility for social awareness by utilizing symbolism, color and expressive techniques.


I attribute my life as an artist to my daughter, Aaliyah.  When I was pregnant, I often felt this strong burning desire to be creative and work with my hands. There was some kind of organic correlation between my body being in the state of creation and my heart urging my hands to do the same.

I was most drawn to the looseness and forgiving qualities of abstract art.  There were no rules here, you could make them up as you went along and I wanted more of that.  So my journey into becoming a professional artist began. 


I paint in an intuitive style, not always having the final outcome in mind from the start.  It’s a journey and practice in patience and trust.  Getting there and discovering where the canvas will lead me, is often full of surprises.  Layer after layer, a piece can take anywhere from 4 or 5 days to 4 or 5 weeks to create. 

Living almost a decade in New York City, working in the fashion industry, texture and color come second nature to me; the cross over to fine art was natural.  The city is where my taste and style was molded, I love bringing that cosmopolitan energy into my work and sharing it with the world.  

I have both international as well as domestic licensing contracts with prominent wall decor companies and am a permanent resident at Austin Art Garage and atxGALS with my work currently showing at The Cathedral ATX. 


Women and Their Work, West Elm Austin, Louis Shanks Furniture and the Austin Studio Tours. Additionally, I have been fortunate enough to have my artwork grace the cover of the 'Private Client Magazine' which also includes a 2-page spread.


In 2020, I was honored was to speak on behalf of Sevy Marie in Magnolia Network's latest documentary, "Hi I'm Sevy" which is a part of their "Hi I'm ____" series on Discovery Plus!' Who was a non-verbal young artist with down syndrome of the age of 17 who was taking the abstract art world by storm.

In March of 2023 I decided to take on the uncommonly known gender disparity in the fine art world that negatively impacts female artists in terms of representation by turning my single artist gallery into a traditional gallery and now house 10 Artists underneath my umbrella. 

After almost a year of representing other local female artists, my Gallery received recognition from the Emmy-nominated TV Show, The American Dream TV, featuring my small business and mission to amplify women in the arts within their Austin segment 2024.  

"WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER" – this mantra resonates deeply with me. Knowing that these incredible women have entrusted me with their artwork is not just an honor, but a driving force. It empowers me to push forward, work harder, and become braver in our shared endeavors. Their faith in my leadership strengthens my resolve, inspiring me to tirelessly support and elevate their individual talents. Together, our synergy creates a powerful, unified front in the art world.

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