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mission statement

Ahmad strives to empower women in every avenue of life. With an understanding that focused action has a stronger impact on change, she has chosen to tackle the substantial disproportionate Gallery representation of male artists compared to female artists. The stats are so dismal, they don't seem real, and Ahmad is often met with a doubtful response when presenting these discouraging numbers.


Here are facts from the National Museum of Women in the Arts website: "Women obtain 70% of the Fine Art Bachelor’s Degrees at University, Yet only 13.7% of living artists represented by museums and galleries in Europe and North America are women." 


Women deserve to command their own vessels, and definitely have plenty of things to contribute. Ahmad is committed to making a change and has started a new series of Private "Happy Hours" at her Art Gallery where multiple local female artists’ work is featured and the artists themselves are in attendance. These Happy Hour events are invite-only with a curated guest list of affluent women (20-25) in the Austin community. The night includes icebreakers, introductions & artist talks. These gatherings are to amplify other talented female artists by using her Gallery space and her network; this provides a place for community, connection, and empowerment for all who attend. She is committed to creating events featuring other artists and helping them continue to do the work that they love.

*Click here to learn more about Julie Ahmad's Private Happy Hours 

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What can you do in the meantime to support female artists? It's really simple to attend art events featuring female artists, seek out female artists via instagram (there are a ton of us out there), buy their art & brag about them to your friends! Be a shero!


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