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Anna Kamburis


Anna Kamburis, an Austin-based artist, balances her roles as a painter, designer, art educator, and mom. She holds a BFA in Studio Art, specializing in Textiles, which has greatly influenced her artistic journey. Her work is deeply inspired by the scenic beauty of the Texas landscape and the distinctive charm of cacti. Known for her vibrant and modern style, Anna's art is characterized by its playfulness, bright colors, and contemporary flair, making it a joyful expression of her surroundings and experiences.



I'm thrilled to have my art in the gallery!

I am a painter and illustrator from Austin, Texas. I love working with paint and canvas to create large colorful paintings and murals, and I also love capturing my perspective of the world through my illustrations.

I've always been inspired by nature, patterns, and the vibrant energy of people and animals around me. That's why I love working with gouache, acrylic, and digital mediums to bring positivity, joy, and color into my artwork. 

I can't wait to contribute my art to this amazing group of creatives. I have a children's book coming out next month and currently working on new projects.

-Anna Kamburis


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