• Julie Ahmad

Introducing 'Mantra' Feminist Collection!

Updated: May 9

I have created a fresh collection of paintings

woven with the theme of the power of WOMEN! It is an evolving collection that will continue to grow and evolve just as we do!

This abstract painting is titled...

'I am Woman' (36" x 60") and is the first piece of the

collection and inspired the foundation.

As a passionate female artist, I created this piece in pursuit of embracing the layered and complex essence of being a woman. In the entire collection, there are symbols and affirmations of growth, perseverance, and appreciation for all women. My personal experience as a mother of two, a wife, and an artist influenced me to tackle this piece and serve women and mothers justice in representing their undeniable strength. I feel that society heavily undervalues the responsibility and dedication that we carry on a daily basis. Whether a mother or not, the feminine is the foundation of the home.

I wanted to fully capture the aura of womanhood (& motherhood) within this entire collection. The balance of color remains consistent in pursuit of portraying the balance of countless responsibilities that women carry in life.

Pictured from left to right, these 20" x 20" abstract paintings in the collection are titled 'Unbeatable' & 'I am Creative'

Within these 2 smaller paintings, they have large voices. I wanted to embrace the narrative that women are fighters. As fighters, we encounter self-reflection and usually self-doubt imposed by society, in my opinion. But what I wanted this piece to shout was that self-acceptance is so important. The messy and the not-so-messy are beautiful and true to yourself.

Pictured above is the painting titled

'I Can Teach Ya' (36" x 48") which is harmonious to the other paintings in the color palette and abstract shapes. There is a sense of 'sturdiness' in this piece. Almost an equestrian source jumps from the canvas - every woman carries fierce qualities. The power, maternal instincts, and beauty resides in all women. This silhouette happened accidentally, and I grew to love it.

'I am Fearless', 36" x 60"

In this piece I wanted to manifest fearlessness and empowerment for all. Consistent with 'I Can Teach Ya' there is a tall ladder leading to the top of the canvas. In this, I wanted to share that there is a constant uphill battle for women in society. Every stroke came organically to me as my passion for women's empowerment is undeniable.

The five abstract paintings listed above were the first 5 of the collection. They are sister paintings and represent the rooted message I wanted to relay: women are warriors and are not given enough credit for the value of our contributions.

Now, we are moving towards the second half of the collection which includes a darker, rich color palette to capture women's depth.

'Speak Your Truth' 60" x 60"

From left to right, these portrait paintings are titled

'Honey, You Can Get in Line' (36" x 48") &

'I am Anything' (36" x 48")

These portraits are a branch of the series and will continue to expand in diversity. Inclusivity is extremely important to me and I wanted to express that on canvas. Each portrait holds true to acceptance, self-love, and embracing our flaws.

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