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"Free Fallin'" Part of my Personal Home Collection

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Here is the latest piece I created for my children's playroom. When it comes to my own home, if I see something I like and it's in my wheelhouse, I simply have to create it myself and then of course put my own spin on it.
Abstract Artist Julie Ahmad's children's playroom!
Free Fallin' is made of a paper illustration I made of a retro diver painted with watercolor, acrylic paint with hand painted and distressed wooden cutouts on 3, 20" x 20" canvas coated in resin. So that was a mouth full.
I find myself so drawn to playful yet sophisticated art for children. I think I must be recreating my childhood or something, because I'm not sure how much my kiddos actually care to have these handcrafted items over the store bought mass produced from big box chains in their rooms. Hopefully they will at the very least see the amount of work that goes into them and have an appreciation for the labor aspect.
Process photo of adding Resin coating to children't artwork
I have a love/hate relationship with resin. I'm allergic to it and have to be so careful not to get it on my skin, but ooooohhhh how luscious the effects are that I'm completely willing to take the risk!
Process photo of adding Resin coating to children't artwork

Above I'm releasing the bubbles that are formed in the resin when freshly poured. It's probably one of the most satisfying parts of working with resin art. I love seeing it go from bubbles to a pristine smooth high gloss finish.
Abstract Artist Julie Ahmad next to her finished 3 piece children's artwork.

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