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Custom Abstract Art by Julie Ahmad

(Mixed Media)

*If you want to commission art from one of our Featured Artists, please inquire via email: !


Creating a custom piece for an individual is an incredibly gratifying process, building the relationship, gathering information and then transforming that into a tangible work of art. 


Art can be incredibly personal, there are many options available and I’m honored for the consideration. 


In order to get the most out of our initial conversation and get as close to your goals as possible it’s important to provide some of the following:


  • A few images of the space, so that I can understand your style and the color scheme of the room.

  • Measurements of the space where the art will be placed if you're not definite on canvas size needed.

  • Examples of other paintings- mine or others that you like

  • I can match a color sample if you'd like or a photo of an accent pillow will work as show to the right.

While every effort is taken to meet your special requests, it is important to understand that every original piece of art I create will possess its very own uniqueness... as is the beauty of original art.


This is why I have my custom art policy for abstracts set up as follows:


After our initial conversation and we both feel that we have a solid plan, I will send you an agreement contract.  This will outline the details of the job and will need to be reviewed and signed.  Click here to download a blank copy of the non-binding agreement.


There is no obligation to purchase the painting if you are not satisfied with the piece.  I find that unbinding the customer to the painting allows me a sense of freedom that cultivates the creative process and the quality of work is much better.


I do however charge an upfront canvas & supply fee, which is collected in order to get started.  This amount is relative to the size and particulars of the piece you are commissioning and will be specified in your agreement before hand.  

Should you decide to not take the piece your supply fee will serve as a credit that can be used towards another piece that is available presently or in the future up to 1 year from the date the contract is signed.  


After your painting is completed and you are fully satisfied, the remaining balance will be due. 


Your painting will be finished in 3-6 weeks in most cases. After your painting is finished I will email you several detail photos for your final approval or suggestions. There is one minor revision included at no charge, after that changes will be billed based on the scope of work requested.  These will be discussed and agreed upon by both parties prior to revisions.


Commission rates vary depending on the project specs, supplies needed and difficulty of the techniques required to create the art piece. 


Please contact me if you have further questions and I will respond shortly.  Feel free to visit my Original Paintings Gallery to get inspiration for your special order!

custom art pricing

Due to specific nature and scale of any art larger than the size shown in the diagram above, I do have some particulars that vary in my Over-Sized Art Commission Agreement from a standard commission. 
Please read through the document and email or call with any questions.  Click here to download a copy of the agreement.  

oversized custom art pricing

Example of Custom Order:

Photo sent of 2 items that would be in the room the painting was being created.

Custom Abstract Art Inspiration

From this photo and a few text messages back and forth on size and the location the painting was meant for, "50 Shades of Gray & Yellow" was born! 

Gray & Yellow Custom Abstract Art

This piece was created for a friend who was staging a luxury condo that is for sale in Austin, TX.  The piece is on loan but is for sale.  It took me 4 days to complete.

Gray & Yellow Custom Abstract Artwork in a livingroom

Creating art is an extension of yourself and there’s a little piece of you that will always remain within it.  I always say,


“You need to like the artist or you’ll never be fully satisfied with the work.”  This was more in context of selecting a plastic surgeon, but you get the idea, right?


-Julie Ahmad

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