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Hot Texas Summer Night Hosting 'The Collective: Connected Women in Business' at the Gallery!

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Last August, there was quite the buzz at our gallery! We got the awesome chance to host "The Collective, Connected Women in Business," a brainchild of Catherine Meyer. At its core, this group is all about women lifting each other up. Think of it like having a personal board of directors, but just for female entrepreneurs.

Every month, the mastermind group gathers in a welcoming space. Members can present their challenges, and with diverse perspectives present, brainstorming truly shines. The collective knowledge within the group consistently leads to insightful solutions. Moreover, participation often unveils broader networks, connecting members to invaluable resources, contacts, and opportunities otherwise undiscovered. At its core, the group is a living breathing testament to "WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER"!

I first encountered Catherine at an Art Show I was featured in at Maribu, a fabulous Female Owned Business on First Street that offers luxury home furnishings. It didn’t take long for the two of us to connect. We were both driven by our feminist beliefs and found in each other a kindred spirit with a shared vision. We both aspired to harness the potential of our businesses as platforms to uplift and empower.

"Being a part of the collective means having a team to navigate business challenges with. Their experience and perspectives have been invaluable- I'm so grateful to have found this group!"

- Julie Ahmad

Check out our Reel and completely get the vibes of the event!

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