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We Just Can't Get Enough - 2nd Time Hosting, "The Collective" Connected Women in Business!

Updated: 2 days ago

This October, our gallery once again became a beacon of inspiration and empowerment as we hosted the second edition of "The Collective, Connected Women in Business." Building on the success and energy of our August event, this gathering was a renewed opportunity for female entrepreneurs and business leaders to connect, learn, and grow together.

The atmosphere was electric with the spirit of collaboration and mutual support. Women from diverse business backgrounds came together, each bringing their unique experiences and insights, creating a rich tapestry of shared wisdom and strategies. This event not only reinforced the importance of community in the entrepreneurial journey but also left every participant enriched with new connections and a deeper sense of purpose in their business endeavors.

"The Collective, in its October gathering, once again affirmed our gallery's commitment to being more than just a space for art, but a dynamic hub for female empowerment and business innovation." Julie Ahmad

It was also great to see, Savanalore there, our newest artist at the gallery to invite her in and support her on the business side of being a creative and building a sustainable career that she loves!

Curious about The Collective?

The Collective was started by Catherine Meyer, as a once-per-month meeting of Austin area women business owners to collaborate, share resources, help each other grow as leaders and thrive in our businesses. Her mastermind evening meeting format, including timed shares/requests for feedback, gives members the chance to use the ‘brain trust’ of the group, a kind of board-of directors. We feel invested in each other’s businesses and our collective community!

Stay connected with the collective on Instagram and email Catherine to find out about the next monthly mastermind and more benefits to joining at


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