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Building Bridges: How the Art Scene and Business World Intertwine!

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

An Evening of Inspiration and Connection at the Gallery! We where so delighted to host the Executive Council Network (ECN) at the gallery Tuesday, September 26th. In the vibrant city of Austin, Texas, where creativity effortlessly mingles with a booming business environment, a unique and enlightening event unfolded at the Julie Ahmad Contemporary Art Gallery. The atmosphere buzzed with innovation, collaboration, and a shared appreciation for art and business development as the gallery hosted the prestigious ECN Executive Council Network.

Donna Schwandt above, "Vanna Whit-ing her gorgeous Mixed Media Paintings". It is always a special treat when the artist is in-house and can you give you more insight to the work and process. We were so fortunate to have Donna present that evening to get her insider artist perspective!

Nestled in the beating heart of Austin, is renowned for showcasing a brilliant array of modern and thought-provoking artworks, stirring the minds and souls of its visitors. Its walls, adorned with vibrant, emotive, and often abstract pieces, provide a backdrop that sparks curiosity and contemplation. In an inspirational move, the gallery opened its doors to the ECN Executive Council Network, a collective of influential and forward-thinking business leaders, orchestrating an intersection between the cerebral worlds of contemporary art and strategic business.


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