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Women Owned the Night at Exhibition Empower | Le Femme Art Party!

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Julie Ahmad Contemporary Art Gallery's

Exhibition Empower: Amplifying Women in the Arts!

We mixed, we mingled, we enjoyed an evening of Celebration as we Amplified Female Artists in the ATX community and Honor the Collectors that Support them!

Charlotte Schembri, Julie Ahmad, Lisa Zinna and Donna Schwandt (not pictured) 's art was on display as art lovers were able to dance to beats, enjoy tasty drinks and take home their favorite pieces.

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Thank you for taking the time to learn about the gender disparity that exists in the fine art world and how uncommon this knowledge is. According to the National Women's Museum of Art in D.C., women are obtaining 70% of the Fine Art Degrees at University, yet only obtaining 13.7% of living artist representation at museums and galleries in North America and Europe.

Women are however dominating in teaching roles, with a 80/ 20% lead over men. This of course is a support role, though quite admirable, NOT ALL WOMEN WANT TO BE IN THAT POSITION. MANY of us, including myself want to steer our own ships and forge our paths! Creating art is telling your story. And what woman have you met, that doesn’t have a lot to say? We want to tell our stories.

My Fabulous Gallery Assistant, Kalista Tamez and her father long time supporter and collector, Dr. Oscar Tamez rocking the night while we celebrated Art, Artists and our Patrons!

The evening was also dedicated to honoring our Esteemed Collectors who were personally invited to attend in order to allow us to express our immense gratitude for their support. We presented them with unique booklets, serving as special catalogs to celebrate our valued collectors. These catalogs showcased their individual stories and highlighted the reasons behind their passion for original and locally-created art.

Venturing into their homes, we’ve captured beautiful intersections of art and its admirers and delved into enlightening conversations about their preferences and passions. Each interview, now published online, allows a sneak peek into their sanctuaries and inspirations, forming a diverse and rich tapestry of personal tastes and reflections of the vibrant local art scene. We are deeply thankful to our collectors for sharing their worlds and hearts, illuminating the profound impact of art on individuals and the community.

Michelle Martinez (middle) was one of our featured Collector's that you can read more about on the blog and in the catalog. Click here for her full story.

The fabulous DJ LADY WONDER spinning vinyl fresh beats while my former Intern Blake Mendoza who is now a pro cinematographer catches her video footage!

Charlotte Schembri (on the left) our guest artist specializes in bold geometric abstracts and also was our event photographer! Check out her beautiful artwork!

These booklets also showcase the artists represented by the gallery and give insight to their artistic process and available works. These books are available with a $30 dollar donation and can be shipped out to you or picked up at the gallery.

Thank you so much to everyone that attended! What a wonderful turnout- and we already are itching for the next event (STAY TUNED)! In the meantime, know that all featured artists at Julie Ahmad Contemporary Art Gallery have their work available for purchase on Julie's website & you can schedule a Gallery Appointment to view the artwork in person (email Donations are incredibly appreciated and go so far. Thank you for supporting women in the arts + local artists!!!


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Can't wait to see you at the next show!

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I'm about to move to Austin and came across your post about this event celebrating female artists in the area - I'm so excited to see the energy behind this and am looking forward to meeting the community once I'm in town! Malti B Lee 😄

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