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Donna Schwandt

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Intricate, vibrant and entrancing are what come to mind when describing Schwandt's art. Every piece is its own character and energy; it is so evident how much care and passion is put in with the level of details added. The electric color pairings and the brilliant composition in the geometric shapes are a nod to a new age of Klimt-like works in the world of fine art. 


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I am an intuitive painter, my paintings are a reflection of emotions and surroundings. There are no mistakes in my process, which allows me the freedom to creatively experiment with no limitations and in doing so builds confidence. I have been painting since I was a young girl with my mother who was very creative. I grew up at the kitchen table painting alongside her, since an early age, I have always wanted to become a painter and live as a full-time artist.

You will find my paintings on various substrates such as canvas, wood panel, and paper. I use a multitude of mediums such as oils, watercolors, inks, encaustics, acrylic paints, glazes, and washes. I also add textures and layers with different pastes and mixes along with mark-making tools to further add depth and unique touches. 


When I paint, I like to demonstrate how colors and shapes contrast with each other and can be harmoniously brought together; expressing the light and the dark coming together.  All things outer space, deep oceans, cityscapes, and unexplored lands. I love odd shapes: an almost circle, a broken square, a crooked line, grids, and stacks. The contrast and the bold colors are part of who I am on the inside. My process is to mix colors together and to add layering as there are endless possibilities. Everything is a new frontier and horizon- a galaxy of possibilities!

The viewer sees what they want. It’s abstract, so it means something different to everyone as to what it symbolizes or what the shapes represent. You get to decide what it means to you. So, here we’re both creating- I create the painting and you create the meaning."



- Donna Schwandt

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Free Delivery to Austin Locals


I'm happy to bring the art to you. If you're in the Central Austin area, I can bring up to 5 pieces to your space to see which will suit you best.


 This eliminates the guess work and makes me happy to know that you're completely satisfied with your choice!

There is no obligation, serious inquires only. 

Send an email to to make arrangements.

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Rendering Services for Artwork in YOUR Interior are offered with any of our available artworks

It can be difficult to imagine the art in your space. I am happy to offer my rendering services to those that need a mock-up of the art superimposed into the room you are considering placing the art. 

Read more about the service.


"My process is to mix colors together and to add layering as there are endless possibilities. Everything is a new frontier and horizon- a galaxy of possibilities!"

- Donna Schwandt

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