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Texas Snow Day

Texas Snow Day

"Texas Snow Day" Valentine's Day marks the night of the snowfall of the artic outbreak of 2021 that left 4 million Texans with out power through record freezing temperatures, myself and family being one of them.  Knowing I would not be able to get to the studio for some time, I made sure that I got this piece completed that night, 2/14/21.  Thinking this would be more of a childcare issue, I poured the piece feeling productive and at ease with taking a few days off from the studio.


When pouring resin, the top coat and sealer, temperature is a factor.  Ideally it must be at least 72 F in order to cure.  An uncured piece would be left with a tacky film.  I did venture out on day 4 to check on the piece with my daughter. 

Hurray!!! It did cure and Texas Snow Day was doing just fine!!!!


Despite the stress of the situation, there is a lot of positive energy in this piece.  There are layers upon layers of texture paste, metallic blues, pearl white mica, watercolor, ink, heart and soul. 


This piece is available and part of my private collection and can be viewed by appointment in my home in Barton Hills.


36"x 60" mixed media resin on canvas.  

  • Shipping Details

    If you are purchasing an Original Piece of Art, please note that shipping is not included in the purchase price, cost widely varies based on size, weight and distance.   A second invoice will be sent after the purchase is made to cover this cost. 


    Please email prior to your purchase with your address for an estimate if you'd like.  


    Local Austin, TX customers:  Arrangements may be made for pick up and often if your located in Central Austin I'm happy to personally deliver the piece FREE of charge! 

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