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Speak Your Truth

Speak Your Truth

Speak Your Truth is an original work of art created by Julie Ahmad. 


Mixed Media on Canvas, 60"x 60", including acrylic, oil pastels, wax pencil, texture paste and varnish.


This piece is a part of the 'Mantra' Feminist Collection by Julie Ahmad. Click here to read more about the collection!  


Just like the title of the piece, SPEAK YOUR TRUTH! This piece is large in size and loud in meaning. This painting, and all of the pieces within the 'Mantra' series, are tangible mantras for you to welcome into your home as a constant symbol of empowerment for yourself, your family, and every guest you have in your home. I love how the colors mesh together and I know this big canvas will fill any interior with charisma, strength, and power!

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