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Red Dot Art Spree, Women and Their Work hosted a killer event!

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

The Red Dot Art Spree is very dear to my heart. At this event last year, it marked the first public showing of my artwork. These ladies took a chance on an unknown artist and allowed me to put a piece in the show. Just being a part of the event felt huge at this point in my career, later that week my piece had SOLD! I can't tell you the confidence and validation it gave me to continue to do my hearts work.

Last night was my second rodeo with W&TW and this time rather than feeling awkward and self–conscious I was excited to connect with friends & creatives. So many familiar faces and fellow artists I respect and admire gathered in the same place.

This year, my piece, "Chloe" SOLD on opening night! It was the icing on the cake to the feeling of community I am starting to feel I am a part of. We all need to find our way, we all need to find our tribe.

Great gals and very talented group, Emily Michelle to my right, Heidi Miller and her guest, Jen.

What a treat an opportunity to chat with Jane Claire, founding member of #Bossbabesatx LOVE this girl! So headed for really great things!

Heidi & Me takin a selfie in front of "Chloe"!


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