• Julie Ahmad

East Austin Studio Tour 2017!

East Austin Studio Tour...what a wonderful time to be in our beautiful city of Austin!

There was so much to see and experience this year at East and I am so pumped to share some snapshots with you!

Let's start with the first weekend:

I loved getting to see my dear friend, Meena Matai doing her thing at the Austin School of Film!

Of course, my little girl wanted to get in on all the action, too!

My girl, Eli Halpin, was totally rockin' it, too!

Check out all this CUTENESS! I can't help but fall in love with a new piece every single time I visit her - neither can my little girl. She loves all of Eli's precious animals and insists that they would look great in her playroom...tempting!

This big fluffy guy was my favorite! Omg I can't resist!

Valentina Dorsa has some gorgeous work as well, love all the color and texture she uses!

Anna Swanson's vibrant colors and cute illustrations are a total attention grabber. Such happy vibes!

And that's a wrap for weekend #1!

Here we go with weekend #2!

First stop:

My cousin Umbreen Ahmad - so sad I didn't get to see you, but I did enjoy seeing your work!

Ty Nathan Clark's art had me swooning...

I got to meet him and he explained what his latest collection was all about!

It's always nice to hear the artist's story - it helps me understand their work on a deeper level.

Here's my friend, Lys Santamaria's work station. She was doing a live demonstration of her beading during the tour, so cool!

Hanging out at the Pump Project with my ladies, Lys and Camila!

YASSS girl power!