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Did y'all know my studio is famous?

Yup that's right! There have been several commercials, movies and workout videos shot inside using the space and my artwork in the frames!

Here are some shots from a commercial shoot with high production value by Swng Productions an Austin based Production Company for Facebook Business Services.

I was delighted to be able to be able to provide the space for the project and support a local small creative business such as my own.

Their team led by Cori Baker was brilliant at resourcefully maximizing the space to provide their client with maximum value by transforming the space into three separate sets; an art studio, clothing boutique and a conference room. All while providing cameos of my artwork in the scenes!

Most of art in the scenes has already sold, however the two pieces in the frame above to the left, "Never Been Kissed" and "From Rags to Riches" are both still available and currently on promotion.

If you are interested in collecting my art, these two have a history and have already appeared in their first set!

"Rags to Riches"
40" x 40" Mixed Media on Canvas, for more info, click here.

"Never Been Kissed"

40" x 40" Mixed Media on Canvas, for more info, click here.

Here is the full commercial video that was created for Facebook. Enjoy!

Thank you for supporting small businesses and making it a point to shop local. It means so much especially now to help our community push through these extreme times.


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