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Collector Series No. 6 : Sexiest Poker Room in ATX!

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

We talk extensively about supporting local businesses and #buyingsmall, but when do we ever thank customers for their patronage? This series of posts is meant to honor the unsung heroes who recognize the hard work, passion and dedication we put into our craft and shine the light back onto them. Without them, we couldn't continue to do the work that we love and for that I am so grateful.

Next up in the Collector Series is my husband, Nadeem Ahmad!

Owner of 3 commissioned Color Therapy Collection pieces!

Can you tell by the look on my husband's face he was loving his commission? Phew... Mission complete! We built our forever home in 2019, and I finally created the artwork for his poker room/man cave that he was happy with. This time around, admittedly so, I actually listened and treated him like he was a client rather than my husband. I certainly learned the hard way when I had my very first commission refusal. Wow! There's nothing like true love, right? It just goes to show you that art is subjective, and no matter how much you may think you know better, art speaks to us individually and is deeply personal. Now onto his interview!

Tell us about yourself! Who are you? What do you do? What area of town do you live in?

My name is Nadeem Ahmad and I am based here in Austin, Texas. I am an author and I write about frameworks, strategies and ideas around strategic leadership in the realm of innovation and technology. I’m a recovering technology consultant transitioning out of a 30-year corporate career and now helping business leaders navigate emerging technologies to achieve commercial success.

How did you discover Julie Ahmad Contemporary Art? Why do you buy original art? Is this the first piece of original art you have ever owned? What does it mean to you to support a local artist?

I’m extremely lucky to be married to Julie. Through her vision and excitement around the medium, I’ve gained an appreciation for original canvas art…a far cry from my framed poster days as a bachelor!

We have several other original works of art in our home and I feel it’s super critical to support local artists in this growing city for two reasons:

1. As living costs rise exponentially, and while our high-income earners are adapting, I think it’s easy to forget that our local artists still need our support, maybe even more so, in order for them to remain within our city limits allowing us as patrons to benefit and enjoy the experience their artistic expression provides us.

2. As the city’s growth progresses, it will be easy for Austin’s authentic culture and style to get lost with all the influx of new residents from various parts of the country and the world. I’m not a protectionist, but there is a strong sense of urgency to maintain a sense of spirit and culture that drew me to Austin in the first place.

What drew you to this original piece of art? Why this piece?

I was extremely excited about Julie’s Color Therapy Series. I have some of her more abstract art in my office already, so I see these as excellent companion or rather contrasting pieces to fill my space. As a techie, I love solid, well-defined boundaries and the style really appealed to that side of me. This piece was especially exciting to me as it has a more masculine feel and I was able to work with Julie on the color scheme to help complement the poker room/man cave vibe I’m trying to turn the space into, as opposed to just my office.

How did you feel about the space before you added the artwork and how does it feel now?

I felt the space was empty honestly. The large wall is a main focal point in the entire room and is the one wall I couldn’t figure out how to fill. When hosting my monthly poker games in the past, half the guys were staring at the blank empty wall. Introducing this art and this style has spurred much conversation, energy and excitement. At the end of the night, we photograph the winner holding the championship belt – each winner now wants to be photographed in front of Julie’s art!

What was the journey like leading up to your finding of this piece?

It was a difficult journey trying to figure out the “right” art to go on the wall. It’s such a large wall so what could possibly fill the wall appropriately but also not totally dominate the entire space. The geometrical style and bold colors in this triptych configuration was a perfect solution I’d been waiting for!

Did you utilize any of the complimentary services that Julie offers? How did this compare to other experiences you have had purchasing a high-ticket item?

Ie. Try before you buy (take the guess-work out & see the art in your space before your purchase with no obligation), free local delivery, free photo rendering service, payment plan

Julie’s rendering services are exemplary. It’s so hard to imagine or picture what a piece of art will look like in the space. 99% of the time you’re looking at the art by itself or the wall by itself. Julie brings these two together fairly easily. A few photos of the space and she can create a realistic view so you can see exactly how the work of art will liven up your space…it’s not just colors and sizing on the wall, it’s about how the piece “fits” in the room with your furniture and other works of art you may have.


Want your interior to look this sexy? Check out my available Color Therapy Collection paintings or email me if you want a custom piece/set!

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