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Collector Series No. 7 Featuring The Falchuk Family!

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

We talk extensively about supporting local businesses and #buyingsmall, but when do we ever thank customers for their patronage? This series of posts is meant to honor the unsung heroes who recognize the hard work, passion and dedication we put into our craft and shine the light back onto them. Without them, we couldn't continue to do the work that we love and for that I am so grateful.

NEXT UP we have the lovely Falchuk Family! Julie, Neathery & baby Luna!

Owners of Romance on the Green

A little backstory on the creation of this painting...

"I sprinkled onto the canvas some sand that I saved from the spot in Fiji where my husband, Nadeem, proposed to me. I had stored the sand in a bottle for over 10 years knowing that I wanted to do something with it, I just didn't know exactly what. Finally, after over a decade of living happily married to my husband, I knew just what to do: incorporate it into a painting filled with romance all over. I sprinkled some of the sand onto the canvas within some varnish which adds stunning texture and sentiments of deep love. I wanted for this abstract to lure its viewers and owners into a tranquil and romantic setting, just as it does for me in my marriage. My husband and I met in New York City while we were both living there and I wanted this piece to be an ode to our strong love. The title nods to the romance in our relationship and references the name of an iconic NYC restaurant within Central Park called 'Tavern on the Green'. The color palette of mossy greens, creamy blushes, and soft neutrals felt true to the pure, endless love that my husband and I have for each other. " - Julie Ahmad

Tell us about yourselves! What do you do? What area of town do you live in?

We’re Julie, Neathery and Luna Falchuk! Both Neathery and I are Clinical Social Workers and own a group therapy practice called Ample + Rooted. We just welcomed our sweet Luna in June and are absolutely in love with her! We live in South Austin very close to Radio Coffee- a family favorite!

How did you discover Julie Ahmad Contemporary Art? Why do you buy original art? Is this the first piece of original art you have ever owned? What does it mean to you to support a local artist?

We first discovered Julie Ahmad Contemporary Art during the Austin Studio Tour at least 4 years ago. Julie’s studio was located in her gorgeous home [at the time] so since we love incredible homes and contemporary art, we thought we’d take a peek at her studio knowing very little about Julie and her artwork. Julie immediately greeted us with her joy, interest, and warmth. We were drawn both to her bubbly personality and to her soothing artwork. Buying original art is special; we not only have the pleasure of supporting a local artist, but we get the opportunity to know the story behind the piece and the inspiration that led to creating it. Supporting local artists means giving back to the community. It means showing another human being how much we value and appreciate their hard work. It means building a connection directly with someone whose art brings so much joy into our home.

What drew you to this original piece of art? Why this painting?

We both immediately fell in love with this piece. Neathery and I are both drawn to abstract art and loved the color scheme that Julie chose for this piece. We love the greens and the contrasting pink colors along with the texture of the sand. It just felt like home.

How did you feel about the space before you added the artwork and how does it feel now?

The space was horrible before we added artwork! I mean, it felt bland. We knew that we needed something for the wall but we were being very picky about what to add. With the art on the wall, our space has come alive - the room feels cozier, homier, and warm. We actually enjoy sitting in our living area more now that we have this painting hung- it really changes the space for the better.

What was the journey like leading up to your finding of this piece?

We had been following Julie’s work since we first met her and dreamed about the day that we could bring home one of her pieces. We re-did our living room area and were struggling for some time to find a piece of artwork that was big enough for the wall and would go with the vibe of our new space. Of course, we follow Julie on social media and saw Romance on the Green pop up and honestly fell in love with it right away. We’ve got a love for greens in this house so it fit perfectly into our decor and on our wall. We also have a strong connection to New York City so after hearing the story behind the painting, we knew for sure it was meant for our home.


CHECK OUT this Instagram Reel we made for this painting a while back!

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