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Collaboration during WEST

The first day of WEST, I decided to start a collaboration piece in my studio for tour goers to add a little piece of themselves. My vision for this collaboration was simple: for anyone and everyone who felt inspired, to add a little bit of their own touch to the piece and in the end, be able to view it as a beautiful whole rather than many different parts.

This became the final product, after two weekends and a private tour! I think it's absolutely FABULOUS! I received plenty of feedback from tour goers telling me how exciting and liberating it was to be able to be a part of this work of art. They all seemed to love getting down and dirty with the texture paste and paint!

Texas Pride!

How creative and colorful is this piece?!

What I most enjoyed about having tour goers create this masterpiece is seeing how excited they were to paint! This was definitely a highlight for WEST Austin Studio Tour 2017! Thank you to everyone who made this beautiful piece possible!


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