• Julie Ahmad

Austin Virtual Studio Tour 2020 is here!

Updated: May 9

Austin Studio Tour featuring Virtual Exhibitions, Online Programs, and city-wide art outdoors that can be viewed by self-guided walking or drive-by tours. #AustinStudioTour

I'm grateful for the creative efforts of Big Medium who host the studio tours each year. This has given Austin artists a new platform to expand our borders and safely show our spaces online to reach new audiences beyond what we traditionally may have been able to reach in pre-Covid world.

Please enjoy the video below that shows my studio and the thought process I put into designing the space where I create.

Wow! I had a lot of fun digging up these before photos! I started the project in April 2019 soon after I got the keys to the space. Although this was not my first renovation, this was the first renovation I did completely solo. Every aspect from finance, design and project management was handled by yours truly. I feel as though going through this experience has earned me the right of passage, perhaps an upgrade at the airport, free appetizers for life at denny's or something?

Demo Day! Yup, posed for this pic and that was about as much saw action that happened for me. So glad I didn't have to stay for the messiness.

We took out a lot of walls and reconfigured most of the space. Luckily, the loft area and kitchenette were already in place, I only had to pull it out and replace the fixtures.

In my new design I added two sinks, one to clean brushes and paint and the other for lunch dishes.

Removing this second floor storage space and garage area added so much light and space to the space. Also adding a central heating and air conditioning unit with exposed duct work gave the space such a cool industrial look. I also had the floors done as well as painted the walls and ceiling to give the space a cohesiveness. Lighting and electrical upgrades made a huge difference as well.

And voila... the fruit of my labor...

Now, what tour would be complete with out a sale to kick it off?

Up to 50% off select pieces for the length of the tour!!! Click here to shop the sale.

Pass the Champers

40" x 40" $1800 Sale Price $1440

click here for more info.

Born for This

36" x 60"

$2600 Sale Price $2080

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Seaside Lullaby


$2400 Sale Price $1920

Click here for more info.

Please email art@julieahmad.com for an appointment to view the art and for my local austin friends, let me know if you'd like to see the art in your space. No obligation. Be sure to take advantage of the SALE, the promotion ends on Sunday, the 22nd of November!

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