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Collector Series Feature No.3 : Team Mejia!

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

We talk extensively about supporting local businesses and #buyingsmall, but when do we ever thank customers for their patronage? This series of posts is meant to honor the unsung heroes who recognize the hard work, passion and dedication we put into our craft and shine the light back onto them. Without them, we couldn't continue to do the work that we love and for that I am so grateful.

NEXT UP we have the sweetest family here in Austin, TX and my personal friends,
The Mejia Family : Owners of 'Through the Garden' !
Tell us about yourself!
TEAM MEJIA : Rudy, Edith, Delilah, Cóbi and our recent addition, Churro. Rudy's background is an Army officer turned investment banker. Edith's background is pediatric occupational therapist turned full-time Chief Home Officer! We love to travel, learn about and experience different cultures, help others and are big foodies!
How did you discover Julie Ahmad Contemporary Art? Why do you buy original art? What does it mean to you to support a local artist? Our daughters happened to attend the same childcare facility and through that, we met Julie. We were so blown away by Julie's talent that we knew we instantly needed one of her masterpieces in our home. So, we followed her through some of her art functions and pinpointed the one we loved most for us. We love to support local businesses so being able to support a local artist felt wonderful. The fact that the artist happened to be our friend, whom we love and admire, was just the cherry on top.
What drew you to this original piece of art? Why this piece?
Everything about it. The layers, the colors, the numbers, the depth, the details, the contrast...
What does this piece of art bring to your home/intimate space?
We moved to Austin in 2013 and since then, we have moved a few times- having bought and sold multiple homes. Julie's art has moved with us four times and with every move, it has brought a sense of fresh air into every home it's been in; we see hope and faith in this piece. It's almost a reminder that through any struggle or stressful moment, we can trust that strength and beauty will rise above.
What was your experience like in purchasing this piece from Julie Ahmad Contemporary Art?
It was a loving family affair- at least that's what it felt like to us. Julie is such an easy-going, welcoming, business-savvy, and talented woman. She wanted to make sure her art not only looked but felt perfect for our home. She drove her art over to our home and asked where we planned to place it and she even allowed for us to live with it for a few days because, again, she truly wanted to make sure we loved it. Needless to say, we knew we made the right choice as soon as it was on our wall... and her art has moved and lived with us since.
Is there anything else that you would like to add?
WE. ADORE. JULIE. And we just looooove her precious family!!!! We hope others get to experience not only her amazing energy but also have the opportunity to view and appreciate her incredible talent and true masterpieces!

Churro making his debut! Bursting with energy he kept us on our toes during the shoot!
THANK YOU, beautiful Mejia family for participating in my collector series and for being absolutely fabulous clients. I am so grateful to connect with all of my collectors and would love to feature you if you have purchased original artwork from me!
Please email me if you would like to be featured!

Interested in this painting? You're in luck because I sell prints of all of my originals
that you can get imposed onto a variety of canvas sizes + product options!

And I just had to include this last one... this family is just too precious!


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