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Very Solitary

Very Solitary

Artist: Lisa Zinna  
Dimensions: 16" x 20"  
Medium: Photographic print on wood with acrylic resin


This elegant piece of modern wall art features a solitary segment of a purple prickly pear cactus, whimsically adorned with fruit that resemble hats. The spines are delicately embellished with a hint of silver glitter, adding a touch of sparkle against the cactus' unique color.


Perfect for adding character to your living space, this artwork can enhance a small accent wall or be a standout piece on built-in shelves. The shiny acrylic resin coating and subtle glitter details make it a refined addition to contemporary chic and luxury interior styles.


Add a touch of natural whimsy and elegance to your wall decor with this stunning piece, bringing a playful yet sophisticated charm to your home or office.


Shipping (within the US) is included. Local Austin delivery is available. Please inquire about international shipping via email (  

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