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Re-emerging in the City

Re-emerging in the City

16"x 20" x 1.5" acrylic on canvas by Malti B Lee in 2023.


"Year after year in London, as the weather starts to warm and the days get longer, daffodils suddenly appear marking the change of seasons. These happy yellow blooms stand to attention, announcing that spring is officially here. I always found it funny how much joy seeing these carpets of yellow lining the streets brought me.


My first trip abroad after moving to the US was to London to see friends and family after a long period away. It was early spring and there these yellow signposts were! Meandering through the streets of London, I couldn’t get away from them. On this trip in particular, I was walking past St Paul’s Cathedral and watched tourists taking their photos, capturing the landmark at that ‘perfect angle’. It made me want to capture this local view of St Paul’s instead, one that the everyday Londoner sees while rushing from one place to the other. Once this thought crossed my mind, I headed to the local art shop, bought some supplies and started putting paint to the canvas to bring these impressions to life." 

- Malti B Lee



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