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Joy Pinwheel 10"

Joy Pinwheel 10"

This piece is a 10"x10" resin mixed media painting on a wooden panel with a black floating frame included! Sister piece to Joy Square 10in, this piece resembles a colorful pinwheel to me that gives all the satisfying vibes in the palette of colors within the fine lines of the trianglular shapes. Perfect for your office, bedroom, desk area, children's room, etc.! 


One of the smaller pieces within my NEW COLOR THERAPY collection! A series where I dabble with a more 'exact' style of painting that is very different from my usual intuitive abstract painting. Creating this collection was incredibly therapeutic with the specific color palette selections for each piece/category along with the precise lines. These babies took a long time to complete, despite their deceivingly simple look. I ventured into a world of exactness to bring some sense of control into the chaos of life.

Read more about this collection at my blog here



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