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Workshop on the Horizon with Our Newest Artist: Illustrator + Painter, Savannalore!

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that ATX illustrator and painter, Savannalore, has joined our artistic squad! Her work is nothing short of mesmerizing—a kaleidoscope of vivid imagination, each piece bursting with whimsical elements that captivate the heart.

Her teaching skills shine brilliantly as she effortlessly simplifies complex concepts, making them accessible and engaging for artists at all levels. Beyond the gallery, she's captured hearts as a beloved content creator on TikTok (272K Followers) and Instagram (16.9K Followers) Her posts are treasure troves of illustration tips, tricks, and inspirations that have helped countless budding artists refine their craft.

Check out one of her videos below!

↓ ↓ ↓

Recognizing her remarkable talent and her ability to connect and educate, we are thrilled to announce that the Julie Ahmad Contemporary Art Gallery will soon host a workshop led by Savannalore herself!

The date is still being finalized, but we're currently gathering interest. If you're keen to learn from this illustrious illustrator and bring your art to new heights, send us an email at with your expressed interest in order to stay informed about this exciting opportunity. Don't miss the chance to be part of this unique experience with Savannalore at our gallery!

See more of her available work at the gallery!

Recap of Sunday's Open Studio with Savannalore!

While the energetic vibes of ACL drew many, our space on Thornton Road in S. Central Austin hummed with a different kind of magic. Our doors swung open to the warm embrace of daylight, welcoming community members into a realm of empowerment through female artistry. More than just a gathering, attendees got an intimate glimpse into the artist's inspiration, her unique processes, and the beautiful stories woven into every artwork.

Adding to the charm, Savannalore set up a special coloring table, featuring her delightful illustrations, allowing both young attendees and the young-at-heart to engage in a hands-on coloring experience. While our younger visitors delved into a world of color, the adults had the chance to delve deeper into the artistic process, discovering what they too could achieve with passion and dedication. Beyond this, grown-ups could browse and appreciate the incredible works our local female artists have created on the walls of the gallery.

For those interested in joining us for future events and a workshop taught by Savannalore, do RSVP and be part of our vibrant community celebration of art!


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