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Female Artists Rocked the Night

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Photo by Cori Baker

Ever reminisce about early college days or daydream about being nineteen or twenty and only having the heartbreak be your biggest issue (naive to the adult life ahead of you filled with bills and responsibilities)? The most recent Sofar concert that I hosted on Friday, January 27th featured three amazing young female artists who set the mood sending Austin music lovers back in time while listening to love ballads and songs about self discovery.

Photos by Cori Baker

My studio was bustling with movement and eagerness as Sofar Sounds organized the stage area and set up multiple cameras to record the event - you read that right, they filmed in my studio *internal happy scream*. If the amount of gear wasn't exciting, having Goodnight Loving vodka setting up a bar for complimentary drinks upped the ante! Serving a thirst quenching signature drink of early grey tea, lemon, and simple syrup with Goodnight Loving vodka had everyone going back for seconds of this light and refreshing cocktail. To view all the photos, click here! Remember to tag yourself :)
Photos by Cori Baker

Once again, I raffled off a $100 gift card towards my original work to give away to one of the lucky attendees who signed up for my mailing list during the event. Jack Z. was the lucky recipient who visited the gallery the following day to cash in on some great pieces!

Want to know when the next gallery concert is?

Due the the secretive nature of Sofar's events, you would have to sign up for my mailing list here for an exclusive invite for shows in my studio and gallery space.

About the artists

Peyton Stilling
Peyton Stilling has a story to tell--and the powerful voice to tell it. The 19-year-old singer-songwriter from Dallas, Texas was an avid poet before she ever strummed a chord, but her life changed forever the moment she stepped on stage at the age of 15. Her seamless blend of soulful vocals and heartrending lyrics creates can’t-miss music.
Visit her website here.
Listen to her music here.

Bay Stewart
Bay Stewart is a singer-songwriter from Austin, Texas. A soul and blues singer inspired by Joss Stone, Fiona Apple, and ZZ Ward. Bay has brought her "wise beyond her years" sound to venues all throughout the Live Music Capital of the World.
Visit her website here.
Listen to her music here.

Angel Cintron
San Antonio, Texas native Angelina Cintron, started her journey with singing and performing at just 8 years old and songwriting at 12 years old. Today, at the age of 20, Angel has progressed in her musical abilities and is now capable on multiple instruments consisting of the violin, ukulele, guitar, and piano in which she takes advantage of to entice her followers with a sound of an alternative Pop/RnB style.
Listen to her music here.

Check out each of the artist's instagram for more details:
@peyton_stilling, @baystewart, @angel_cintron


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