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Love Square 10in

Love Square 10in

This piece is a 10"x10" resin mixed media painting on a wooden panel with a black floating frame included!


She is in the category of 'LOVE' as her color palette was intricately created to provide a sense of romance & passion. Mixed with pinks, reds, and white + grey, this painting gives a sexy energy in nurturing your love life. Perfect as an emblem of infatuation, whether with yourself or with a partner, for any interior you decide to place her in! Ignite the flame of enchanting lust with this symbolic piece!


One of the smaller pieces within my NEW COLOR THERAPY collection! A series where I dabble with a more 'exact' style of painting that is very different from my usual intuitive abstract painting. Creating this collection was incredibly therapeutic with the specific color palette selections for each piece/category along with the precise lines. These babies took a long time to complete, despite their deceivingly simple look. I ventured into a world of exactness to bring some sense of control into the chaos of life.

Read more about this collection at my blog here



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