Custom Framed Print of Candied Coral

Custom Framed Print of Candied Coral

$1,250.00 Regular Price
$875.00Sale Price

"Candied Coral" is a print of an original piece of alcohol ink art created by Julie Ahmad.  There is only one of these pieces available in a custom frame (non-stock) measuring 30" x 40" including the frame.  Enjoy! 


If you are interested in purchasing the two framed prints in stock at this stock SPECIAL 2 for $700 each please email, art@julieahmad.


*Please Note Shipping Details

  • Shipping Details

    If you are purchasing an Original Piece of Art, please note that shipping is not included in the purchase price, cost widely varies based on size, weight and distance.   A second invoice will be sent after the purchase is made to cover this cost. 


    Please email prior to your purchase with your address for an estimate if you'd like.  


    Local Austin, TX customers:  Arrangements may be made for pick up and often if your located in Central Austin I'm happy to personally deliver the piece FREE of charge!