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A time to embody the phrase- "I live here, I give here."

Updated: Jul 10

This year, as Austin gears up for the annual Amplify Austin Day- March 6-7th, we are reminded of the powerful catchphrase that unites us: "I live here, I give here." Amplify Austin is not just a two-day event; it’s a festival of our community's spirit and generosity, showcasing our collective commitment to making Austin a better place for all. It's a time when we come together to support local initiatives that are making a real difference in our community.

Our mission to end gender disparity in the arts is more than just a goal—it's a movement. We are dedicated to amplifying women artists in Austin, providing them with a platform for representation, and celebrating their work through fantastic art events and exhibitions. We hope to be a source of inspiration for other communities to follow suit and do the same.

We currently represent 11 female artists at the gallery including myself. Here is a glimpse into the diverse artistry, featuring an array of offerings such as collage, abstracts, encaustic, architectural, geometric, and photo art.

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Our efforts are concentrated on forging a more equitable and vibrant arts scene, where diverse voices are heard and creativity thrives, reflecting the very essence of what attracted many of us to Austin in the first place—the city's dynamic culture and inclusive spirit!

We are aware that our ambitious goals come with ongoing costs, and to continue our impactful work, we need your support!

Whether you're looking to purchase art to enrich your collection or wish to make a monetary donation to help with our gallery's operating expenses, every contribution makes a significant difference.

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Your support enables us to showcase incredible talent and foster a more inclusive arts community! Thank you for your support!!


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