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Tripity Crickets

Tripity Crickets

Tripity Crickets  is an original abstract painting by Julie Ahmad in 2023. 


36"x 60" Mixed Media on canvas.


This piece was created during my ketamine therapy treatment. It took me about 2 years to research and find the right therapists and clinic to embark on this healing journey.  I definitely felt inspired by the trippy visuals I saw during my sessions. The colorful palette has rainbow happy vibes and the swirls were a nod to the feeling of leaving yourself to go within yourself. Hard to explain I know, but a similar theme resonates with the sessions as it does with intuitive painting, trust the process.


The insect shown on the side of the piece simply sat there for an entire day while I painted her, in the end I tried to pick her up and put her outside, but she had other ideas and hopped off. Hence the name, Tripity Crickets!

  • Shipping Details

    If you are purchasing an Original Piece of Art, please note that shipping is not included in the purchase price, cost widely varies based on size, weight and distance. A second invoice will be sent after the purchase is made to cover this cost. 


    Please email prior to your purchase with your address for an estimate if you'd like.  


    Local Austin, TX customers:  Arrangements may be made for pick up and often if your located in Central Austin I'm happy to personally deliver the piece FREE of charge! 

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