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Strawberry Faulkin Shortcake

Strawberry Faulkin Shortcake

"Strawberry Faulkin' Shortcake" 30" x 60" this gal was nearly the death of me.  I re-resined her 4x and she weighs about 50lbs.  Working with resin the application is liquid so it moves and very slowly.  So you have it perfect are settled, walk away thinking your done and come back in the morning and it's a completely different painting.  The bonus to this is I learned many correction techniques, but I honestly had some serious love hate happening with this gal. 


Truly in the end when I put her hardwear on and had her propped up in my studio, I glanced at her and thought... Oh I love her.  Her name went from "Strawberry F-ing Shortcake to Strawberry Faulkin' Shortcake, which is far less angry and simply holds a NY twist and reminds me of my late Uncle Romualdo.  I do hold very fond memories of him and just like that all the frustration and struggle was all worth it and went away in a glance.  


30"x 60" mixed media resin on canvas.  




*Please Note Shipping Details

  • Shipping Details

    If you are purchasing an Original Piece of Art, please note that shipping is not included in the purchase price, cost widely varies based on size, weight and distance.   A second invoice will be sent after the purchase is made to cover this cost. 


    Please email prior to your purchase with your address for an estimate if you'd like.  


    Local Austin, TX customers:  Arrangements may be made for pick up and often if your located in Central Austin I'm happy to personally deliver the piece FREE of charge! 

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