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Mojo Risen I & II

Mojo Risen I & II

Mojo Risen is an original work of art created by Julie Ahmad. This piece is highly textured and embellished with copper and silver foiling. 


Mojo Risen I & II's digital image is licensed to Artist Lane, an Australian Licensing Wall Decor company,  It is both mine and their #1 selling print.


My husband and I have just moved into our forever home and we are finally ready to sell the piece.  


Please enjoy Mojo Risen I & II it has brought so much joy to our home and now it can do the same for another.   

  • Details

    Each piece is 40" x 40", creating a span across of 80"x 40" when hung side by side. Please do account for the spread in between the paintings when measuring. Mixed Media on Canvas.
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