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WEST Austin Studio Tour! Take 2. Tour stop #205 804 W. Mary St.

Thank you to all those wonderful tour goers and art enthusiasts that came by the studio last weekend! We still have this weekend the 20th - 21st from 11-6pm each day to participate and see more fantastic art from our community members.

This being my only my 2nd solo show I couldn't have been happier with the turnout, thank you so much for the validation and support you've shown. I've always had the recurring thought when I plan an event of any kind that no one will show. There is this underlined insecurity that always surfaces in these situations. I think it's time to rewrite this story I keep telling myself and find a new dialog.

Thank you for showing up and reassuring the little girl inside of me that it will work out and that I am enough. And to all of you that may have the same feeling that comes up, you are enough, too!

Below: Drank the Kool-Aid, framed alcohol ink on glass, 16"x20"

Meet Senaiya our Budding Artist!

Senaiya is my neighbor's 9 year old granddaughter who came by to visit on the tour.She told me about her passion for art and showed off some of her skills when she picked up the paint brush! The piece she is painting on below is a collaboration that I decided to begin for anyone and everyone who wanted to do a little painting while they were here on the tour ;) Senaiya touched my heart in a way that only a child can. Her passion for art and life inspire me to keep being a role model for those young budding artists like herself!


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