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West Austin Studio Tour is COMING UP! Reminiscing progress over the years

November 4-5th & 11-12th from 12-6pm at
Julie Ahmad Contemporary Art Gallery | Amplifying Women in the Arts 2311 Thornton Road #K Austin, TX 78704

An entirely free event for you to explore + witness firsthand the incredible local artistry present in this fantastic city! Come visit Julie Ahmad Contemporary Art Gallery during the tour as we have Original Art + Canvas Gallery Prints from Julie as well as her Art Girl Gang, Featuring... Donna Schwandt, Lisa Zinna, Savannalore & Charlotte Schembri!

Just added- Anna Kamburis!

Looking back on my 1st Studio Tour in 2014!

In 2014, after moving to Austin and soon after becoming a new mom, I ventured into its lively art scene. I boldly approached an architectural firm on E 7th Street, pitching the idea of displaying my work during the EAST Austin Studio Tour. They agreed, and while I was ready with my art, I hadn't prepared for the torrential down pour that stretched across the majority of both weekends. Still, passionate art lovers braved the rain, their enthusiasm and kind words lighting up the venue.

That was me in 2014, completely green- but filled with joy doing what I loved!

Yet, amidst this warmth, I felt a twinge of solitude, realizing the importance of companionship in such journeys. This realization led me to collaborate with fellow artists over the years, organizing art shows that celebrated local talents. A decade later, I evolved further by opening my solo gallery to other female artists, offering representation and collective growth.

Now, as we approach the 2023 Studio Tour, I'm elated to represent all the talented women under my banner. I'm especially proud to introduce two shining stars, Donna Schwandt and Charlotte Schembri, as they make their debut. Here's to their journey, hopefully under clearer skies and definitely not alone!

Donna Schwandt, Mixed Media Painter holding

Yellow 20"x20" on Canvas, $500 available at the gallery.

Charlotte Schembri, Geometric Abstracts holding

Yellow Flicker Beat 6"x6" on Canvas, $350 available at the gallery.

Let's give these ladies a warm welcome and show your support! Come to the show, fall in a love with a piece of art, take it home and brag to all your friends about it!! You have no idea what that means to an artist!

And here are the rest of my ladies...

Julie Ahmad, Abstract Artist holding

Villian Vibes 30"x 30" on Canvas, $1550 available at the gallery.

Enjoy Vibe-y Beats, Drinks & Amazing Art from
Local Talent right in your backyard!


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