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Weekend 2 of the WEST Austin Studio Tour 2023!

Updated: Feb 26

Another fabulous weekend of brushstrokes & beats! Austinites gathered at Julie Ahmad Contemporary Art Gallery during the 2nd weekend of WEST after an entire week of anticipation since the first weekend. Our tour-goers enjoyed not only local artwork by female artists, but had a true experience with the vibes & dancing, personal interactions with our featured artists, and the ability to truly enjoy the art while the kiddos were mesmerized by our coloring tables.

This free tour is a wonderful opportunity for ATX art lovers to explore and experience the fantastic art present in this city. It is a great time to shop for wall decor that you (or your loved ones) may need to complete their blank walls- especially with the holiday season right around the corner! Here at the gallery, we have a variety of options for you to choose from. When you connect with a piece of artwork, TRUST THAT FEELING! You don't want to pass up the opportunity to make it yours and inspire your interior as well as yourself on a day to day basis.

This event is completely family-friendly as well as pup-friendly! We are so happy to have welcomed in so many kiddos to not only color at our kids' tables, but to also witness incredible artistry. Bringing your kiddos to these tours provides you a gateway to expose your children to what they are also capable of achieving through hard work & passion! Talk about inspiring!!!

We presented the staggering stats about women in the arts to our tour-goers and our mission as a Gallery: Amplifying Women in the Arts and tackling the disproportionate gallery representation of male artists compared to female artists.

Most people are unaware of these facts as one would assume things have gotten better in this day and age. Unfortunately, things aren't that great for women in the arts and our representation. That's why we need YOU and your support to help us change those stats! Click here to see the stats + how you can help!

Each of our featured artists connected with visitors, discussing their inspirations, processes, and the challenges and triumphs of being a woman in the art world. These interactions added an invaluable layer to the experience, making each artwork even more special.


Thank you to everyone who attended, purchased artwork, danced with us & created so many great memories together! As a local business, the support from our Austin community means the world. Continue to show up for your local artists beyond these tours! We need YOU so that we can continue to create!


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