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The Art of Making Babies! Pt. 2

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

In part 1 of this series I talked about how I made my acrylic babies. I'm taking it up a notch here with resin!
These pieces were coated in resin to not only give it an ultra shiny look but to seal in and protect the art.
Starting with the flat canvases that were coated with Kilz All Purpose, I painted the canvas in a dark blue.
After these minis dried I chose to use E6000 glue and to spread it with a toothpick in the areas I wanted covered in tiny beads. The tooth pick also worked well to move the beads around after I had sprinkled them on.

After the glue is completely dried overnight(and I do not recommend blow drying this type of glue used), you are ready to resin and seal your art. Resin is made using a chemical reaction and mixing equal parts of your epoxy and hardener. Make sure to follow the instructions on the packaging.
Art Resin is by far the best resin available to work with, it's one of the only resins I know of that is non-toxic. Other brands simply don't mention that the product is toxic, so always make sure you're working with non-toxic resin or use a ventilator and make sure to cover your skin.
Let the art cure overnight and voila! Your baby is born!!!
Below are a few other pieces I made using Art Resin.
These little guys make great gifts and are fun to decorate your desk or shelf with. Check out my website to see all the babies!


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