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The Art of Making Babies! Pt. 1

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

This is not the content you will usually see me posting, but nevertheless, I've been busy and am happy to share my findings with you! I want to talk a little bit about how I made the minis in my new collection.
I started by unboxing my mini canvases and either painted a base coat with Kilz All Purpose or texture paste.
After these minis dried (texture paste needs to set overnight), I started to play with the mediums and just let them progress organically. I started with a textured canvas and added watercolor crayons. I love how the texture just grabs the color off the crayons and dictates a lot of the color placement for you.
Afterwards, water is added to the break up the crayon and give it a more even spread.
After the watercolor crayons are activated and spread I added white acrylic to the pieces to break up the color and give it a more interesting touch. Once this was dry I added metallic pearl tempera paint to the surface to give it that iridescent look and add shimmer.
These need to dry naturally or you can speed up the process by using a blowdryer on a low setting. After it has dried, fixative is sprayed and the sides are painted with acrylic (two coats) to pull the piece together and give it a polished look.
And Voila!!! You have a baby mini-me version of my big mixed media art pieces for your desk, shelf or if your really fancy, your child's dollhouse. Happy creating!
Check out Part 2 of this series to see how I use resin on these minis to spice things up!


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