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SXSoCo Art Shows were a Smash!!!

Updated: May 9

After two years of what felt like hibernation with Covid, I felt like my career had been put on hold for long enough. Being a featured Artist in the 'SXSoCo' Exhibition at the SoCo Modern was by far the best jump back into full swing' a girl could have asked for! Not to mention what an ego boost to have been able to show alongside the greats like Banksy, Mr. Brainwash, Ken Nwadiogbu and so many more.

There were 2 shows - one public which SOLD OUT in 3 days, which prompted the second private viewing reception to be hosted by yours truly. *The exhibition is open till April 7th - so you can still go check it out!

A few pieces are still available and on display at the gallery!!! Of those many have generated a lot of interest- so if you're in the market, now is the time! Click here to view available art!

My 'Mantra' series is an evolving feminist art collection which I'm enjoying every moment of the process of creating, manifesting and sharing its empowering energy with anyone who feels drawn to it.

I SOLD 'I am Fearless' (36" x 60") at the Opening Show!!!!

Here's the lovely couple who are now the owners of 'I am Fearless'!! A piece so dear to my heart is now in the warm hands of this San Francisco-based couple and I could not be happier! Be fearless, you two!

I can't emphasize the impact of how important it is when your friends show up for you! Thank you to these seriously amazing ladies in my life, I'm so grateful to have found y'all.

I had the wonderful opportunity to connect with other fabulous local artists! Ryan Runcie (also featured in the show) & Arielle Austin were so delightful to connect with.

'Unbeatable' (20" x 20") is SOLD!!! Thank you so much, Tamez family! Y'all are UNBEATABLE!!! This piece was sold at my Private Viewing Reception.

I love my friends and family!!!

So glad that I got to meet part of Martha O'hara Interiors' Team at my private reception, their work is so fresh and I have been IG stalking them for years!!!


Last but not least, I want to give a HUGE thank you to the SoCo Modern Team that helped organize this event!!! What an incredible experience.

There are still pieces featured in the

exhibition that are AVAILABLE!

*If you are interested in purchasing one of these featured

original paintings, please contact SoCo Modern

as the payment will go through the gallery first*

Here's the Spotify playlist of the music that inspired

me in creating the 'Mantra' series & that we JAMMED

to at the Private Viewing Reception!

*FOR MORE PICTURES, CHECK OUT MY INSTAGRAM @julieahmad_art & SEE THE HIGHLIGHT 'SXSoCo' as well as pics on my feed!

Stay tuned for future art shows that my work will be featured in!

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