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Still Life Workshop Recap

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

We had a blast this past weekend at my studio during Sari Shyrack's Still Life Workshop!

Want some behind the scenes?
Check out this recap video for an inside scoop on all the fun you missed!

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Missed it? Bummer! No worries though, here are some fun highlights we were lucky enough to capture.

The day kicked off with some fun ice breakers and some serious background info on how Sari begins each one of her paintings.

The students were then broken off into groups to create a well-balanced still life scene, using all these delicious props!

After some beautiful compositions were created, Sari gave us some one-on-one time and a once in a lifetime painting demo. I am still in awe of this boss babe's talent!

Let the painting begin!
With the help from Sari, the students were ready to create their jaw-dropping masterpieces.

Drum roll please!

Check out the vibrancy and details on these. I'm so obsessed with how these turned out!

And that's a wrap! Big special thanks to Sari Shryack and everyone who attended this workshop. You truly made this weekend magical for me.

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