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Sip, Sip Hooray!

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Sunday's beautiful weather wasn't the only thing that complimented our Sip & See sale! With Micah Marcos serenading attendees and kiddos coloring, a few of my works were purchased and adopted into their new homes.

Erica Wildman and I opened up both our studios on Sunday, January 5th to host our Sip & See sale. With family and friends coming out to show their support and new comers explored the different nooks and crannies that displayed my works, I offered everyone a fun and trippy new perspective on my original works. Taking a page from Erica, I offered attendees to observe the different textures, brush stokes, layers of paint, and charcoal markings wearing a set of 3D glasses!

Creating an illusion of depth with the lens and eyes working together to filter chromatically opposite colors, my paintings popped out or revealed depth. Looking at Blue Wave and Love is Love granted the viewer the illusion that they could dive deep into the blue as if it where an ice cave or the deep ocean. Contradictory, my floral works seemed to pop off the canvas welcoming you to pull them closer for a good sniff.

The studio was filled with children's laughter while their parents engaged them to peer at my large works with the 3D glasses on. Little feet ran from canvas to canvas and print to print to see what surprise sight was hiding from them. With Micah's voice giving way through the bursts of little laughter, his guitar gave everyone a sense of ease and enjoyment while they silently sang along to some of his most nostalgic songs.

Follow Micah Marcus on Spotify and enjoy his amazing music!!!

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