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Red Dot Art Spree!

This year was my fourth time participating in Women and their Work's Red Dot Art Spree.

I am so grateful to be connected with this awesome organization made up of such amazingly talented women!

Last week, Camila and I made it out to the event to check out the opening and mingle with many of my artist friends that were also showing - like Susi Brister and Niz!

One of my glitter pieces was being displayed at the event!

This piece is called "Flip and Flop" 18"x18" Glitter & Acrylic on Canvas. This is from my "It's All Gone to the Dogs" series.

This event was jam packed - as usual - and there was so much talent and good company to enjoy.

Loved this piece! This is the same artist that has a mural over on I35 & 6th Street!

I was so excited when one of my good friends, Lydia, came to the event to support me and take in some beautiful art and see the local talent! So much love!

The Red Dot Art Spree is always such a fun event, already looking forward to next year!

Thank you to all the wonderful ladies at Women and their Work for supporting Austin's local artists and to all those who came out to show their support for the arts!

Thank you for allowing me to do what I love!


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