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Ranked #4 in Feedspot's List of TOP 20 Austin Art Blogs & #21 in the INTERNATIONAL Top 60 List!

I am thrilled to announce that my art blog has been added to the prestigious Top 20 Austin Art Blogs and ranked as #21 in the International List of Art Blogs by Feedspot! As an artist and business owner, this accomplishment holds a special significance for me, as it reflects not just my passion for the arts but also my commitment to sharing my artistic journey and tips with the world.

I am so honored to be ranked among some of Austin's iconic Art Galleries & Museums as well as esteemed magazines for our blogs!!! It is insane to see names like Blanton Museum of Art, The Austin Chronicle, CultureMap Austin, Austin Weekly News, EASTside Magazine, Austin Creative Art Center ranked alongside my art blog! So cool to see our efforts in our blogs being recognized.

I initially began blogging to document and keep record of my career for my children to hold and know me. As a mom, I am acutely aware of the importance of modeling my work ethic and journey for my children, especially my daughter. By the numbers: A recent analysis of major U.S. art museums by researchers at Williams College found that just 13% of artists featured in those collections were women. But some 55% of working artists are women, per data from the career platform Zippia.

It is crucial for me to ensure that she knows that her mom was not just an artist but also a successful entrepreneur who put the hours in to achieve her goals and place my mark on the world.

I also invest a lot of time into this blog as a way to not only connect with my current community, but to expand my reach to as many art lovers as possible and share the wealth of knowledge that I have gained as an artist to other creatives and to collectors of art.

My blog is also currently ranked #21 out of 60 International Contemporary Art Blogs!!! Wow!!! I am so stoked to see this ranking and know that my reach is ever expanding. Thank you all for reading my artistic sentiments, tips, and accomplishments through my blog posts! ↓

My international ranking is listed among some of the most established contemporary art organizations like AO Art Observed, Contemporary Art Society, Art Forum, & more!

Being recognized on both of these lists is a validation of the hard work and dedication that goes into creating art and documenting one's artistic journey. It is an honor to be acknowledged for my contribution to the local + global art scene and to be able to share my experiences and insights with fellow artists and enthusiasts.

I owe this achievement to my readers and art lovers! Your engagement has helped me evolve as an artist and improve the quality of my work. I would also like to extend my gratitude to the team at Feedspot, who curates and compiles the list of top art blogs. Their recognition and appreciation for my work have motivated me to continue striving for excellence in my artistic practice and content creation. I look forward to continuing to create art and sharing my vision with you all!

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