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New Piece, "Mono-Boob"

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

So, I didn't notice it while I was painting it, but when I was marching around with my daughter's microphone in hand pretending that I was giving a tour of my gallery/home to a pretend audience, I realized that the pink area looked like a boob, a pretty perfectly shaped one at that!
Boom, just like that, Mono-boob was born!

austin abstract artist

It's no secret that I am a feminist and am doing my best along with my amazing husband to raise my daughter to believe whole heartedly that she can be and do anything she wants to! Another thing we are very conscious of is to not teach any kind of body shaming. We are open about our bits and parts and call them by their real names. :P

She is a little piece only 16"x20" and will bring some joy, humor and fun to your space. She is available in my abstract original gallery.


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