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NEST Modern Sale!

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

I am excited to announce that I have partnered with NEST Modern to house a few pieces from my Hope Series. For the rest of June, NEST is celebrating their 15 year anniversary with a 20% off art sale! Grab your Julie Ahmad originals while you can!

The Hope Series is inspired by my feelings regarding the current political climate. As I am an intuitive painter, the series began as a release of feelings buried deep inside of me. I felt anger, disgust, sadness, and that all reflected on my canvas. It began with big, cathartic strokes and sharp etchings into the paint. Once those feelings were released on the canvas, I found myself drawn to a colorful and bright palette. I began going over the deep scratches I had previously made with thick layers of paint and texture paste. By patching up my previous destruction, I found a sense of healing. Through this catharsis I also found hope, and thus the name of the series became clear to me.

The Hope Series is close to my heart. It is a raw expression of my desires and fears for the future. To share the series with Nest Modern, and also with you, means so much! Swing by to take advantage of that 20% off sale.

2603 South Congress Avenue Austin, Texas 78704

P.S. You can also find my original piece, Hidden Dragon at NEST Modern!


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